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Amixo trading at full-speed!

Aug-10-2020 05:08:43 AM

Hello everyone,

We hope everyone has started their week joyfully and profitable! With bitcoin’s volatility and more and more investor’s funds, Amixo is now making around 800,000 trades a day to provide profit for its investors. Unlike many other crypto investment platforms that use cloud-based servers, Amixo has a hardware matching engine, located in the Equinix data center in New Jersey. This provides a big advantage for us over our competitors and that’s why we can provide the best profits on the market.

As always, happy earnings everybody!
Hello Amixo friends!

Aug-3-2020 08:54:54 AM

We give a warm welcome to all members joining us! Here at Amixo we do not only invest in trading but also in the relationship with our investors. We are here to build a long-term trusting relationship with each and every one of you. Be part of the Amixo family!
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