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About Amixo
Company Certificate #12775742

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) has been responsible for the majority of trading in the stock market for several years, and it’s important to shed some light on the role Amixo plays in the cryptocurrency market.

Amixo uses complex algorithms and powerful computers to place a huge amount of orders at rapid speed in milliseconds, microseconds and even nanoseconds. HFT enables our traders to operate on such a fast time scale that they can take advantage of opportunities in the markets which would not be possible for traders not utilising these algorithms and computing power.

The result: extremely high profits in extremely fast times!

Company Certificate
Our Investment Plan
Highly profitable plans

◘ Purchase available plan and get your hourly earnings

◘ All plans are generated randomly and offer different outcomes

◘ Plans earn a minimum of 110% within maximum 36 hours

◘ The more times you invest, the higher the change to hit the jackpot

Randomized earnings
Hourly percentage
  • 3.06% - 25% hourly
Total earnings
  • 110% - 900%
Total duration
  • 24 - 36 hours
Investment limits
  • $1 – $10,000 per plan
How it works

◘ The deposit is included in the profit percentage shown

◘ Earnings will show up every hour on your account

◘ Instant withdrawals enabled for BTC, Payeer and PerfectMoney

◘ Withdrawals for ETH,BCH,DASH,LTC, DOGE processed within 24 hours

Your minimum profit
  • 110%
How many times can you invest
  • Unlimited
Withdrawals available
  • Every hour, unlimited times
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